Sturgis South Dakota 2015
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ENTRY FEES : Depends on which campground you choose to stay at. At the Buffalo Chip an armband and tent camping is $255 (August 1-14th). Glencoe is $149 for an armband and $395 for a 30 Amp RV hookup... and so on.

BANDS : Too many headline bands to name, check out their websites for the full lineup.

OTHER FUN : Tons of stuff going on all over... it just depends on what you're willing to pay for (each campground charges it's own entry and camping fees).

AMENITIES : People everywhere, lineups for fucking everything and Spanky says you can't get close to the stage when the Headline bands are playing.

    World famous Sturgis South Dakota rally.

    Hell, I really don't know what to write because I didn't go (special thanks to SPANKY for all the photos). He spent most of his time at the Buffalo Chip, which judging from the pics looks about as wild and crazy as my great aunt's quilting bee, although with a much bigger budget.

    For more info and next year's show dates visit It'is as good as any other site to find campgrounds out there.

Sturgis South Dakota Doug Dangers jump

      The Sturgis rally is centered around a 3-4 major campgrounds. All of the campgrounds are expensive and jam packed full.

Buffalo Chip assorted photos

buffalo chip pickle licking contest photos

Ratfink bike show

      There be VERY little nudity in Sturgis SD... don't go there expecting any crazyness. Notice the Wet T Shirt contest girls had to wear pasties?

Buffalo Chip classy sassy contest

Sturgis South Dakota biker girls nude

      Looks like this ''party'' has gotten even more family friendly, more expensive and more Discovery Channel oriented than last time I was there.

      I'm sure glad Spanky went so I could do a different show that weekend.

Miss Buffalo Chip contest

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