Rumble Mountain 2015
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WETZELLAND : Pleasant Hill, OH

ENTRY FEES : $25 entry fee, free motorcycle parking.

BANDS : Skipper Grace, Carlie Short, Red Nektar,Tony Sarno

CONTESTS : Saturday night Men's best buns contest and Wet Tee Shirt contest

OTHER FUN : Bike Games, 50/50 raffle

AMENITIES : Beer sold, Ice Sold, Vendors, VFW with full bar.

Rumble Mountain exclusive video

    Cool party, very old school feeling.

    Nice relaxed laid back atmosphere, these people are out there to simply have a good time. Walk, drive, Campers, Tents, RV's, Bikes, Vintage cars... hell they don't care.

    Because this place is really all about meeting up with friends and kickin' back for the weekend without zillions of rules or extra fees. Isn't that the way it's supposed to be ?

    For more info and next year's show dates visit their facebook pageclick here

Carlie Short band

      Nice little place, owned by the local VFW. So there's a full bar and a tank at the end of the parking lot.

Rumble Mountain party photos

Skipper Grace band

      Skipper Grace is an awesome band and rocked the place out Saturday night.

Rumble Mountain motorcycle rally

      I really liked this show. Campers, RV's, Golf Carts, Motorcycles, Mopeds... hell they didn't care, they just wanted to throw a party!

Red Nektar band

Rumble Mountain - Wet Tee Shirt contest

Rumble Mountain motorcycle games

Tony Sarno band

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